We are living fast paced lives in big cities disconnected from Earth.
The idea behind La Aquarelle was a need to get in touch with nature at night with the help (support) of our products.

We use botanicals, plant matter, and minerals to dye a fabric to create different shades of natural colours and patterns. Plant dyeing is simple process, much simpler than synthetic. It is extracting colour present in the nature and fixing it on fabric. The whole process is 100% toxic and chemical free. Many dyes have even pharmacological effects and possible health benefits that are used in traditional medicine.

At La Aquarelle we believe we would rather absorb the good properties from plant dyes through wearing things that are beneficial to our health rather than of absorbing bad properties from chemical dyes; skin around eyes is especially thin and sensitive. 




Colour theory confirms that colours evoke a physiological response. The reaction to natural colours is both calming and intriguing. 

Sustainable impact is saving of water and natural resources, i.e. most of the colours can be achieved without heating. For this you need time and patience, it might take up to 2 days just the dyeing itself.

All our products are made with love and care to give a better sleep to both the planet and ourselves.

Connect with nature throughout the night!